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Born:March 25, 1952
Died:September 25, 2010

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My dear mother,Margaret Balkissoon,was born on the 25 th March 1952,to Patrick McDonald Doman and Flarrie Appaddoo of Berbice.They they then removed to Georgetown where she lived a humble lifestyle.At the age of 24yrs she met with Harry Biswanauth Balkissoon,and they started a family together.Being a biological mother of five and adopted mother to many she lived in Enmore where she begun her legacy.Doing whatever it took to provide and care for her family-wheither it be toiling from morning till evening as a domestic for others or selling at the school and street corners she managed all without complaining.Although she was often not well no one knew for with a smile she would greet all and never said no to any task being asked to do.She lived a modest life always neglecting herself to ensure the welbeing of others even if it meant giving her dinner to others and having water as hers and silently going to bed.She was indeed a great treasure and surely the root of our family for it was only after her death that we realised it when everyone went their seperate ways and the house who's doors were always opened is now often closed.She was a gem to all leaving a rich legacy of teaching others how to care and share unselfishly.Often we would tell her not to let others use her but nevertheless she would go on giving and helping but it was only when she left that we realised it was only love that she was trying to teach others about so they too will learn how to extend love.She never asked for anything except what she can do to make others happy.She will always be treasured and loved for the imprint and values she has thought to others who crossed her path will never be erased.Because of her many can truly say that they too have experienced the joy of sharing and extending love.Gone but not forgotten and never will.Know to all as Margaret, Mom,Grandmother, Mimmy, Aunty Margaret & Sister Margaret she will always be treasured memories for as it is truly said "It's not what you take when you are leaving,but what you leave when you go".Indeed you are a great legacy and a priceless treasure,A queen of hearts to many...You are our Angel in Disguise.

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When your loved ones are with you,always show them your love and affection,never expecting but always giving.Do your duties to the best of your ability,for this life is short and death gives no warning so why live a live of regrets when you can live a live of peace.Always remember that everyone lives for a purpose and ensure that you find what is yours.My mom was my mentore and she will always be my mentore.
Added by Camela Balkissoon Sookhu
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