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Born:March 11, 1973
Charlottetown, PE
Died:October 3, 2004
New Haven, PE

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Jason will be remembered as a very friendly, caring, loving father who loved his children and wife more than anyone will ever know. 

He had the greatest sense of humor and could make anyone laugh just watching some of his antics.

Once Jason made a friend, he kept them for life. He had the same friends all through his growing up and they were there until the sad ending.

His Brother, Sister, Dad, step Mom, Aunts & Uncles, Cousins, and many other family members loved him very much and will always remember the great family times together.

Jason as a teenager presented me with many challenges as a Mom but I always loved him and my other children unconditionaly and they know that. He was no different than most teenagers but I was one of those fretting Mothers who was always a worry wart. He turned out to be a wonderful son and father, you could not ask for better than that.

His children have many memories of the love he showed them. He was so sweet and always said to the children Morgan....if I had 10 little girls you would be my favorite and Aaron...if I had 10 little boys you would be my favorite. Of course, the children would say "Dad, you only have 1 boy and 1 girl, and that was his point!

Upon the passing of their Dad, both children wrote notes to put in with their Dad. One that just took my heart...was, "Dad, If I had 10 Dads you would be my favorite". Oh so very sweet and meaningful, for sure.
It was their way to say "right back at you Dad".

The anniversary time is drawing near for 6 yrs. since Jason passed and with each passing year around this time my heart just breaks and the tears flow silently. You are in my heart forever, dear son. I love you more! xoxoxo Mom

He Loved and was Loved
Added by His Mom, Nancy
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Personal Notes

Jason will be remembered lovingly by his family and friends. He would be happy to know his dear children, Morgan & Aaron are doing o.k, although, they think of him every day.

He will be remembered for his wonderful personality, love of his family, dedication to work and home, his sense of humor.

He was just an all around dear, sweet person.
You will be in our hearts forever, Jason. The anniversary date is coming soon which makes a Mom just want to cry all over again with the mixture of happy thoughts and the sad loss of someone I hold so dear. Until we meet again, dear. xoxo Mom

Added by Jason's Mom
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