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Born:May 30, 1970
Died:October 1, 2010

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In Loving Memory of My Coco

Jerry Coco, I have known you for sixteen years and I knew from the day you walked into my life that you were unlike any other but I just couldn’t place my finger on it, I was told that you were my father’s son from another mother but the next day you related to me like you were my mother’s son.

You lived your life full of peculiar traits…ones that I understood and ones that I didn’t. the traits that I understood about you I took for granted, the ones that I did not understand for sixteen years I only began to after the first day of October, 2010.

I would only breakdown if I began to recount the countless ways you have touched my life…is it in your nature not to be offended at anything….is it in your smile that seems to break the ice… it in your boyish/childish nature that warmed your way into my heart… it in the way you saw everyother human being as ONE… it in the way that you struggled to live outside your nature just to please everyone around you….is it….is it… it… may is its can I say….

It might be sad to say but my best memories of you are your last few days on earth….looking back, I couldn’t really say but I could almost swear that when you looked at me and my children you spoke more than a thousand words to me and now that you are more alive than ever, those words have been engraved into my life and forever shape the new Bettina that I will become.

Thank you Coco for giving me the greatest gift unimaginable even though I would have traded it to have you physically here with me….thank you for making my home an exit point…..thank you for finding peace with my family….thank you for being what God described you as…..THE SEED

I will always love you…My Coco

Added by Anonymous
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In Loving Memory of My Coco 2.docx
Coco - My man of extremes
Added by Ndidi
Personal Notes

Oh if only ........

Oh God...i am not asking you questions but you owe me understanding of what happened to Jerry....

If i wanted a gift...i could never have asked for you except if i were told that as my gift, you would still be physically present...

You are one gift that i can liken to the one that Jesus gave to me...

I love you Coco....

Added by Bettina

Jerry what has your existence taught give, give, give and give more cos that all what you ever did......U were the true Ambassador of Christ.....
Added by Ndidi

You were a rare Gem and you will be greatly missed...I still cannot get over it...
Added by Linda Fayemi
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