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Born:July 13, 1930
Bedford, IN
Died:October 5, 2010
Largo Rehabilitation & Spa, Pinellas Park, FL

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Joe lived a wonderful 80 years. He was surrounded by his family when he passed on 10/5/2010 at 5:30am, at Largo Rehabilitation & Spa, Pinellas Park, FL.

He was born in Bedford, IN, on 7/13/2010 to parents Fredrick & Lena Neumeister. He married Phyllis Joan Neumeister in 1950, and had 2 children, Joe & Julie. He lived in Indiana most of his life, retired from Naval Air Warfare Center, worked at Franklin Central High School, and moved to Pinellas Park, FL, after he retired.

He was an avid bicyclist, winning many awards from Central Indiana Bicycle Association. He was known as an ‘Easy Rider’ whose most accomplished ride was from Oceanside CA to St. Augustine FL in 1999, when he was 69 years old.

Joe was an accomplished craftsman, and built 3 homes for his family in Indiana, and 1 for his son in New Hampshire, in his spare time.

He attended New Providence Baptist Church, Mt. Meridian, IN, where he served as a Deacon, and attended St. John’s Lutheran church while he lived in Indianapolis.

He loved Lemon meringue pie, strawberry ice cream, and his Sport Drink concoction is a still-talked-about wonder.

Joe is Survived by:
Wife: Phyllis Joan Neumeister
Son: Joseph D. Neumeister, Jr., and wife Joanne
Daughter: Julie N. Battaglia, and husband Lou
Grandchildren: Jay T. Hardin, Julie K. Hardin, and Lynne Y. Neumeister
Sister: Anna Hansford, and her husband Bill, son Loren, grandson Kyle, daughter Amy Seach and her husband Scott, and granddaughter Josie.
Friends: CIBA members, Pinellas Park Residents, and Largo Rehabilitation Caregivers.

His family held a Memorial Service 10/6/2010 in his honor at the Taylor Funeral Home in Pinellas Park. A memorial service will be held in Indianapolis, (to be announced in CIBA news) where his ashes will be scattered over the bike route that he developed. His granddaughter will scatter some ashes in Oceanside, CA, as a tribute his cross-country adventure in 1999, documented in Today's Senior Magazine.

Three words sum up Joe’s life: Love, Laugh, and Ride

“No longer do you have to sit in a wheelchair, or be bed-ridden. You are free again to ride the open road and go wherever you want, go as far as you want, and see all of nature’s beauty for eternity. Where ever you are, you’ll be in God’s care and in our thoughts. You are so loved, and will be so very missed.”

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Personal Notes

Joe, Lou & I took a bike ride in your honor yesterday, and stopped for strawberry ice cream. You were so much a part of our lives, and will continue to be here with us. Love you & miss you.

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