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Born:April 21, 1952
Died:February 15, 2004

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You were meant for the GREATEST things
For summer Nights and Angel Wings.
For hopes and Dreams to understand.
For Ocean Breezes and Pure White Sands.
For Laughs And Wishes in the night.
For Life and Love and all that's right.
This is what you're all about.
Be true to yourself.

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OLLIE and WALLY celebrate Red Sox World Championship
Added by Anonymous

International choke sign
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Personal Notes

OLIVETTE - you touched the hearts of all you met , in ways you'll never know.
From pony rides , to gifts from the garden.
You are truely loved and missed.
We are left with an empty hole in our hearts.
Every time i see a garden or flower blooming , i will smile and think of you.
There are not enough words to say good bye - so i'll say " until we meet again "

Added by Richi

Goonie missed you sooo much - she was well cared for and Esther carried on the tradition of spoiling her. Still a broken heart could not be mended. You two are reunited once again. Now she can eat scallops and Goonie treats 24 -7 . give her a scratch on the head from me. we miss you both sooo much. Linda and Esther are taking good care of the garden and yard. i thought i saw you from your window looking down on it with a smile and nod of approval.

Added by Richi

Just a little piece of the garden for you to enjoy.
Added by Anonymous

Someone else gave me the idea , but thought you might enjoy some flowers too.
Added by Richi

Just thought a little touch of fall - would go nicely with the weather
Added by Anonymous

I though of fall , and this was as close to a cornicopia as i could find.
We all miss you so much.

Added by RICHI

Olie - this is the first Christmas since you went away , and i just wanted to let let know you ae still in our hearts. looks like i'll have to eat all the Godiva chocolates myself. we all miss and love you so much. Merry Christmas.
Added by Richi

Hey Ollie.
Tommorrow is Easter Sunday which means opening day is right around the corner. Pedro's gone , but we've made some other changes as well. won't know if they are good or bad till we've played a little. Let's hope for a season 1/2 as fantastic as the last.

Added by richi
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