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Born:October 2, 1939
Died:January 5, 2011

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Perched on the edge
I look at the ocean far below.
The waves crash onto the shore
and the wind whips through the air.
Mesmerized by the setting sun over the horizon
I see the colors fade.
The edge tempts me to fall.
The wind carries the soothing sound of the waves,
a lulling voice of nature.
This Force blows against me,
trying to make me falter
to lose my footing
and fail.

Surrounding me
the fields of gold unable to withstand the pressure
yield to this force of nature.
I watch this display of nature's power
and face into the gusts
determined not to bend.

Amazed at my own power,
I stand firm and strong against these elements,
and the temptation.

The wind shifts
unable to alter my course
and carries a presence of an eternal force of love.
I am lost in this sunset moment
overwhelmed by a feeling of determination
and joy.

Daddy, you left without even saying goodbye. You will be proudly be remembered by all the people you touched their lives. Most especially your friends, colleagues, cabinet members and your loving children.

Let your light continue to shine and keep on watching over us you are my guardian angel.

We are all going to miss you but I will miss you most. You know why..... The most sad thing is that you did not even wait to see who she is.

Good Bye. Till we meet to part no more. Rest in the Almighty Lord.

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