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Born:October 1, 1997
Fredericksburg, Va.
Died:March 2, 2011
Fredericksburg, Va.

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You came into my life as just a puppy that I really didn't want but, as time passed, you became a familiar part of my life. The years passed quickly and unnoticed, I cared for you with routine trips to the vet, played with you, took you for walks and rides in the car or truck ( with the window down so you could hang your head out in the wind ) and protected you from thunderstorms and fourth of July fireworks. For years it was just the two of us -- we always went for morning walks before I left for work and you would always greet me when I came home. We even slept together to stay warm at night. Then "mommy" came into our lives and there was two of us to love and care for you but time passed again ever so quickly with only occassional walks or rides and we no doubt always seemed to make you feel that letting you out or cleaning up after you was a burden and you were always "in the way" -- We know now, you just wanted to be loved. I'm sure we weren't always bad to you but I'm equally sure we weren't always as good to you as we should have been either, after all, you were giving us all of the only thing you had to give -- your unconditional love. The years continued to pass and we noticed that you were having more "accidents" and weren't moving as quickly as you used to. We also noticed that you were always getting sick and would have to go to the vet. We really couldn't afford to take you as often as we probably should have but, we did the best we could. More often than not, promised walks or rides went "untaken" and another day passed with you being taken for granted until the day that you collapsed in front of me just an hour or so after I got home from work -- then, even though I knew in my heart that you were nearing the end, I tried to take you for a walk. You tried but you just couldn't and you laid down. I called mommy, I'm sure you heard, and raced you to the vet ( one last ride in the truck ) and after the vet confirmed what we already knew, we tried to make up for all of the times we took you for granted by loving you with all of our breaking hearts, holding you and petting you until finally your pain was gone and, I'm sure, you are a puppy again -- Forever this time. Somehow, I hope you knew in life how much we really loved you -- We certainly knew how much you loved us. We will miss you for a long time "Good Girl" and hope that when this life is over, we will get to see you again. Rest In Peace Girl. We Love You. "Mommy & Daddy"

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