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Born:July 28, 1924
Rossburg, Ohio
Died:March 6, 2011
St. Pete, Fla

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Thelma Smith a long time resident of St.Pete, Fla was born in Rossburg, Ohio to Russell Blane Heistand (a mechanical engioneer) and Beatrice Thwaits (a nurse).  She was their only child.  Thelma had three children:  Robert Blane Burns(deceased), Carla Sue Elaine Gray, and Pamela Bea O'Dwyer.  Pam resides in Florida with husband Kevin O'Dwyer and Carla lives in New Orleans with husband David Posey.  
Thelma worked in factories as a younger woman and later in life worked for nursing homes. She loved the outdoors. She adored living in Florida and was drawn to the open water. She was a skilled marksman and could outshoot and outfish most men. She liked gardening and observing wildlife. She had a beautiful singing voice and was quick to laugh.
She had a big heart and always helped those who were less fortunate than herself.
She lived a long life to the ripe age of 87. She was well loved and will certainly be missed. She is home with God.


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I will always be glad that you raised us to be independant thinkers, to love the scent of a rose, the sweetness of a hand picked orange, the sound of bird chatter at dawn, the taste of a homegrown tomato, the feel of a daulphines skin, the excitment of reeling in your catch, filling an icechest with fresh clams, or belting out a tune.....You are, were, and always will be loved.

Added by Carla
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