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Born:July 30, 1976
Orange, California
Died:April 10, 2011
Whittier, California

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James Robert Hudson was born to Gerald and Valerie Hudson on July 30th 1976. James was named after his maternal and paternal grandfathers. James was the second child born to the Hudson family and was so very wanted, he was their boy,he was his parents joy.
James was a boy through and through he loved his comic book hero’s Spiderman and Superman, let’s not forget Batman. His mom had to make him several black “CAPES” before he outgrew this stage. He loved GI Joe, He-Man, Castle Grey Skull, and Transformers. James was an Alter Boy at Queen of Angels Catholic church. As he grew older he got into skateboarding. He loved his skateboard and anything to do with skateboarding. In 1986 we moved from Riverside to Nuevo, there were no paved roads to ride his skateboard on near our home. He started playing his video games and even raised pigs to sell, so he could fund his video game obsession. James played flag football, and baseball. James was a lover of music, always had his headphones on or was blasting music from his room…this was quite to our mothers mortification. Once he was in high school he got his hands on his first guitar, it was a phase that he would never grow out of.
As a teenager James loved his friends, and going “camping” with the guys. He shared a close bond with his friends. They would play their guitars and lift weights. While James was in high school he volunteered his time at the Riverside Land Conservancy. He loved the Red Tailed Hawks and the arundo. James worked hard there but loved it. James graduated from high school in June of 1994. He then went on to become certified in heating and air conditioning. He attended Mt. San Jacinto College taking various classes. He held various jobs and worked hard, but his one love in life remained his guitar, and his music.
James was in several bands over the years and played at small events. He loved to do this, he also made a few “Demo” CD’s and would very proudly hand them out to anyone who wanted one. He was always perfecting his skills in music and he passed his knowledge and passion for the guitar on to his nephew.
James loved his nieces and his nephew. He would play with them and give them anything he had. James was always there for his family, you never had to ask him twice. He taught his nephew how to play the guitar and played the x-box with him. His oldest niece would call and vent to him, because he would never tell a soul, what she had to say. You could speak to him in confidence and pour your heart out, he would be there like a rock. James called his other neice Beth "Bethinater" He just loved each and everyone of them.
James was there for family and friends alike, he would do anything for his loved ones. James was there to help his family with anything anytime all the time.
He loved martial arts, boxing, weight lifting and riding his bike. He loved to go for long bike rides and of course walk his dog (cinnamon). He had the dog so spoiled, he would feed the dog what ever he wanted, he loved the dog they were best friends. The dog used to sleep with or near him and follow him all over the house.
James had a heart for those who suffered from drug or alcohol addiction, he even volunteered his time and went into prisons and spoke with the inmates. He wanted to help anyone and everyone.
James attended St.James the less Catholic church for most of his life. He was religious and had a close walk with the Lord. He had scripture memorized and studied the bible. The bible was healing for him.
James was close to both of his sisters, he had one older sister and one baby sister. When his baby sister was younger she and her friend would stand outside his bedroom door while he played on his guitar and cheer him on as if he were playing at a concert. His baby sister looked up to him and would always request him to play the same song over and over. He would play for her again and again. James and his older sister were very close, they grew up together and shared many of the same friends and expieriences. They went to concerts, and movies together, they would go out to eat and shopping at record stores together. Or they would just hang out.
James loved his mother, he was a mommas boy. He loved both of his parents, but was always his mom's boy. His mother loved him so very much and always did anything for her son.
James loved AM/PM, he was always going to get a drink and smokes from AM/PM, he would always ask if someone wanted to go to AM/PM, it became a joke. James loved the outdoors and motorcycles, music and his family.
James will be more than missed, he was comical, would make you laugh and always enhanced our lives just with his presence. He will be remembered and his memory is cherished. We love you James.....Rock on Brother

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Personal Notes

Peace be with you James...I love Bubby
Added by Anonymous

I wish I could have spent more time with you. Even though I live so far away, it never felt that way. I would get to talk to you on the phone, and even though you didn't always know what I was talking about, you always made me feel better by the end of the call. You'll always be in my heart and mind. Everything around us reminds us of your presence. We know that you are in a better place now, I'm so glad you are happier now. I love you James, I always have and always will. Thank you for being such a great uncle.

Added by Niece

I still haven't fully absorbed that you are gone. Perhaps I never will. I know that you are at peace and you are with our Lord. It is my only consultation. James I pray you can feel all this love that is pouring out of your family for you. I am confused, in pain, and wishing I could reach out to you. I am so thankful for the fun and happy time I had being your sister. I love you. I carry your memory with me always.
Added by Youngest sister Kimberly

Solid body
six strings
electricity in and his journey begins
guitar in hand
he begins to play
the melody of his life, he is on his way
Happiness or Sorrow,
he played through the pain
he played for your happiness
not for his gain
The melody of his heart
plucked into every string,
his soul in every note
he played with hope
he played through the darkness and into the light
Solid body, Six strings in hand
his journey begins again now,
Only in a new land.

Added by Tess

I cant let your heart go.
The brightest flame grows cold fastest
I miss you, now and forever.

Added by Anonymous
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