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Born:October 30, 1962
south wales
Died:March 22, 2011
newport gwent at my sisters home

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"My sister jeanette passed away she had a brain tumar.
she was one of the most caring persons i ever knew.
I will never forget the times we had in belgium together over the years. and how you helped me threw sad times there"
jeanette bless.jpg
my dear sister,,, forever missed
Added by bettina jeanettes sister

jin kids.jpg
jeanette and her kids
Added by bettina jeanettes sister
Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
Does Heaven Have A Phone Number.docx
heavens open doors
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Personal Notes

my sister jeanette had a heart of gold.
we will never ever forget this year that she and my mum died.
they will both be forever missed in our lifes,
jeanette would give any one any thing.
she had heart of gold.
i will love and miss her for ever'
love you dear sister

Added by bettina 6 july

Does Heaven Have A Phone Number?
-•=»‡«=•-<< ~~*~~ -•=»‡«=•- ~~*~~ >>-•=»‡«=•-
My sister went to heaven today.
Jesus came and took her away.
He said he needed a new angel to play in his garden.
She was special, and would be loved.
Oh my god I need her back she is mine.
Send her back to me, she is mine not yours.
My heart is aching my soul is restless.
I need to know she is happy, I feel so helpless
Why is there not a phone book for this place?
I need to see and feel her face.
Listen to her voice just once more.
Let me listen let me know my angel arrived.
Does heaven have a phone book?
I don’t know where to look
I know I need her when I am alone at tonight.
Help me put my mind at rest so I can stop this crying.
If I could only talk to her, maybe my tears would stop.
Where is this place called heaven?
Is it far away, through the stars to the other side?
She’s been gone far to long; I wish she were still here.
I really need to reach out and touch her.
Can someone

Added by bettina 6 july

I think about you every day and every step i make.
i still dont want to believe your dead.
If i could walk threw heavens gates and bring you back. i promise i would.
you will be forever missed my dear beloved sister.
love you your sister bettina

Added by bettina 6 july

"I'm sorry I can't be with you today

When all the family's gathered in one place.

But I am with you in another way,

A current in the stream of what you say,

Alive within your consciousness of grace.

I'm sorry I can't be with you today"

Added by bettina 6 july

"jeanette was so very, very special

And was so from the start

You held her in your arms

But mainly in your heart

Added by bettina 6 july

lit a candle on 6th April 2011
"Jeanette: a beautiful person inside and out. You will always be missed but never forgotten xxxx"

Added by Anita Hughes

lit a candle on 2nd May 2011
"jeanette and willy you will always be missed gone to soon xx"

Added by rita mcardle

lit a candle on 6th June 2011
"wishing a lot of strenght for the family"

Added by Karine Tuerlinckx
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