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Born:December 7, 1972
Logansport, Indiana
Died:January 22, 2011
Logansport, Indiana

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Michael was the son of Randy and Barbara Hayden, Hayes. He has a brother named Randy living and two nieces Taylor and Kelsie. Michael is missed by his family deeply .Michael left us at the age of 38 we only had him to shine in our lives for a short time.But his love and kindness shall always be with us. Michael was just a big old lovable teddy bear. He was kind and loved children and had a heart of gold. He loved to shop and give gifts.He loved his brother very much.Michael is missed so deeply that when he left he took a part of our hearts with him. We love and miss you son....... Love Mom and Dad
Our Son Michael Wellington Hayes
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I miss you, Michael so much!! Love Mom
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You was taken out of sight that offal night. I can not explain the pain that my heart felt when your brother called and said you was gone. I fell to my knees and pleaded to GOD why couldn't it have been me? No one knows what a mother feel's when a child is taken from her with out a good bye or a reason why.I shed my tear's in private here and GOD keep's them in a bottle in Heaven and some day He well pour them out and we will be together. Love Mom
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Michael Wellington I love and Miss You <3 Mom
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My son is the stars and the moon shining down from Heaven. My son is the sound of laughter and the joy of a child playing ball. My son is the gentle rain drops falling from the sky. My son is that special twinkle in my eye. But most of all He is My Son!! He was mine alone from the start and mine alone in my heart. No one can take him from me nor still the love I had for Him or His love for me no matter what they may say He is my son for ever and ever the rest of my day's. I Love You Michael!! <3 MOM <3
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I miss you more today than I can put into word's. Love You <3 MOM
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Here it is getting close to the day you was born how I wish I could turn back time. My love for you son has never died I still cry tears for you my son every night. That dreaded day goes over and over in my head the phone call and the words that was said. Time may pass and you maybe gone but you are my son and I want you here were you belong. I wake and lay there at night in the dark and wounder how I can change things and what I would have to do if GOD would send you back . I am lost with out you my son and I miss you oh so much my heart is broken with out you in my life . I miss the times we had here on this earth and I miss you calling me and asking me how to cook. I miss the times we talked at night and the times we went place alone I guess I just miss you son and I feel so lonely.I wish there was something I could do to take this pain away but until we are face to face nothing can take this pain. My heart is chattered but my love for you is still strong. Love Mom <3
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