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Born:April 21, 1951
Longmont, Colorado
Died:October 25, 2011
Portland, Oregon

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Our Mom was the greatest woman we've ever met. Family and friends were the most important thing to her, and she proved that by giving all of us a gift that was so incredible, yet it was specific to each one of us. She had a unique relationship with everybody that was part of her life, and she will live on forever in each one of us. There were so many people that loved her dearly, and we created this so that everybody has a chance to share some unique memories of our Mom so that other people may share the same joy she was able to bring us all. Please include memories, pictures, poems, or anything else that you would like to share regarding this wonderful woman.
b3 001.jpg
Jeff and Mom
Added by Jeff and Ross

b2 001.jpg
Ross, Mom and Oreo
Added by Jeff and Ross

b4 001.jpg
Mom, Ross and Jeff at the market in Indonesia
Added by Jeff and Ross

b5 001.jpg
A Proud Mom with her two sons
Added by Jeff and Ross

b6 001.jpg
Mom, Doug, Ross and Jeff
Added by Jeff and Ross

b7 001.jpg
Barbara, Mike, Chuck, Bruce Judy and Gram...The Hobbs Family
Added by Jeff and Ross
Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
grads from church.jpg
'69 grads of the 1st Congregational Church
Added by Susan Landers

Remembering Barbara.doc
too long-winded for notes section
Added by Kathleen Caldwell

Remembering Barbara.part2.docx
Also long-winded.
Added by Diana Klarich Carter
Personal Notes

You were the best Mom ever. I love you so much...I promise that I am going to make you proud. You taught me how to love myself and to love others. Remember how your Dad used to say, " You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your family?" Well I would have picked you anyways. I would have been so lost without you. You gave me knowledge, guidance, direction, unconditional love, protection, a wonderful father and a loving brother. The rest of what you gave me cannot be expressed with words, but if you look into my heart you will find them. I miss you every minute of every day. I am proud to be your son.
Added by Jeff Bucklew

Mom taught us compassion, loyalty, and integrity. She lived by those values and put her friends and family first. I was so lucky to have such a wonderful Mom and I wish she was still here.
Added by Ross Bucklew

Barbara was truly beautiful inside and out. Even from the first time I met her she made me feel so welcome. She made me feel like I was part of the family. She had such a warm, inviting and loving presence about her. She was so open and nonjudgmental. I hope that one day I can raise her grand children with the kind love she had for her sons. I love you Barbara, with all of my heart. Thank you for showing all of us how to love unconditionally. Our world has lost one incredible woman, thankfully she was able to rub off onto so many of us, particularly her sons, Ross and Jeffrey Bucklew. I am a lucky girl and proud to become part of the wonderful family she helped to create.
Added by Hillary

My Aunt was the best aunt ever. She wasn't just the kind of aunt that would come visit and say hello to us then talk to the grown ups for the rest of the time. When she came she would talk to all of us. Memories fill my mind when i say her name in my head. She was one special woman that i will never forget. She use to bring us little shampoos and conditioners from all the hotels she had been. I will never ever forget her. She will always be in my heart forever and always.<3I love you Aunt barb.
Added by Lizzie Cardoso Mann

Barb was family - in the big sense of the word. I always looked forward to telling her stories - she would listen and laugh and then tell 2 or 3 more. I loved hearing her laugh, her voice - and I loved her strength. but what always impressed me the most was this amazing loyalty. I hope I can honor her by being as loyal to the ones I love. I love you Barb and I loved how much you loved my daughters.
Added by Smooch

I loved your laugh and your amazing loyalty. I loved that you would listen to stories and laugh and then tell 2 or 3 more. I hope to honor you by becoming as loyal as you were. love and more love
Added by Smooch

For a long time Barbara was my favorite and only daughter-in-law so we shared many memorable occasions. The first was being together when Ross and then Jeff were born at Cricket Flat. I was so proud of her when we visited her in Indonesia. How she took care of her sons and husband. Then on the second visit I had more time with her and again admired her strength as she dealt with the living conditions. Time and again her strength and perseverance were apparent. In the past few years family circumstances brought us closer and it was joy to share some time with her. I will miss her laughter, vitality, and sensibility
So it is with real sadness that I say goodby Barbara. Russ

Added by Russ

I knew Barbara for fifty years. Yikes! When I moved into town from Rinn, I remember standing against the south side of Central School by myself. It was Barbara and Melanie that saved me from my outcast-post. We three became fast friends from that moment on. Of course, through the years we moved in and out of each other’s lives. The photo I published in the memorabilia section was taken outside my house, 339 Lincoln, after a brunch organized by my mother for the ’69 graduates of LHS that belonged to the 1st Congregational Church. We were a group that met once a week throughout our school years – whether we wanted to or not! I can hardly remember a time when Barbara wasn’t smiling. She was as cute as a button, but could let out a hilariously sarcastic comment which would leave us in stitches. Barbara’s steady mind allowed her to overcome tough times through her life. She accepted all who were sincerely seeking or finding themselves and helped many. I'll miss you Barbara. Sus
Added by Susan Landers
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