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Born:November 4, 2008
Durant, Oklahoma
Died:November 27, 2011
Dallas, Texas

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In his (very) short 3 years here on Earth with us, Randy touched the hearts of everyone that ever met him.  All he had to do was look at you with those big blue eyes, and your heart would melt.  Then, if he flashed that smile, were hooked!  In his short life, Randy spent much time at Children's hospital in Dallas.  He was the favorite among all the nurses and doctors.  When a child is taken from us, at any age, it is hard.  We wonder, why would God do that?  How could He be so cruel?  But, I believe everything happens for a reason...and I believe that God took Randy from us so that he didn't spend the rest of his life in and out of the hospital.  God didn't want him to suffer.  Now, Randy won't ever have to go to the hospital again.  No more needles, or surgeries, or machines.  He is happy and healthy...and watching over us now.  He will never be forgotten. We love you Randy.  Rest in peace little angel.
Flowers for Nee Nee
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Personal Notes

Randy was a very special little boy, as his grandmother I got to spend a lot of precious time with him that I will treasure forever. However it was not enough time. I LOVE AND MISS YOU VERY MUCH MY LITTLE ANGEL FACE (This was my special name for him since he was born) Love Nee Nee
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to the Heavens in the night sky above.

Author unknown

Tiny Angels

For your Ne Ne who loves you and misses you very much.

Tiny Angels rest your wings sit with me for awhile. How I long to hold your hand, And see your tender smile. Tiny Angel, look at me, I want this image clear.... That I will forget your precious face Is my biggest fear. Tiny Angel can you tell me, Why you have gone away? You weren't here for very long.... Why is it, you couldn't stay? Tiny Angel shook his head, "These things I do not know.... But I do know that you love me, And that I love you so".

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as randys aunt and care giver through Jordans i learned and got to do alot of things with the sweet lil angel.he will always be missed but i will never forget him.. randy nana nee nee and your aunt megan love you baby boy
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