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Born:January 18, 1980
Died:July 29, 2002

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Brandon was born in Memphis, Tn. on January 18th, 1980.
He was very loving and sensitive as a child and loved children and animals. At the age of 6 he was diagnosed as having an I.Q. on the genious level. Hewas always trying to take things apart and fix them starting at the young age of 2.He was sometimes "too smart". He even knew by the age of 3 and a half there was no Santa Claus! He figured it out just by going to the store and realizing by seeing all of the Christmas toys at the store!
When he was only 2 he was playing with a teapot ,put it on his head as a hat with the spout sticking out in front,and got it stuck! We had to take him to the emergency tohave it removed. He walked around for the next week with a bright red ring around his head :0) He was very humorous and loved to see jokes played. He was a very laid back gentle person, didn't like violence ,was always for peace and harmony and everyone getting along. Brandon's life was music. He could tell you anythingyou wanted to know about music,movies, and thier artists and thier stats. We used to always think he would grow up to be a critic of music or movies,maybe even both.In high school Brandon became heavily involved with Broadcast communications and even got to do some radio de-jaying on a local radio station. For a long time Brandon also was into the Gothic Movement. Sometimes he would love to dress up and "go out". But the highlight of his life was his daughter,Tyranny who was 2 at the time of his death.He was always also very close to and proud of his 2 sisters,Jennifer and Jamie. He was always bragging on them and very protective of them. Brandon also loved to cook! He was VERY good at it also. He was always trying something new.Brandon was a fiercely loyal friend to all who knew him.Brandon left this earth on July 29th,2002 of an accidental drug over-dose. Life has been empty and not quite the same since he left us. But we know he is looking down and watching over us all every day.

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Personal Notes

Brandon, we miss you so much, but we know we'll see you again, it's just the waiting that is so hard."Mommy"
Added by Anonymous

The world is definitely a lonelier place without you. I cared about you from the first time I met you!and think about you all the time.I am sorry that I was not the person you wanted me to be. I have not since met anyone as kind as you were to me.
You are deeply missed..
An old friend

Added by -V
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