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Born:Parsons, KS
Died:June 7, 2003
St Paul, KS

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Erie High School, Class of 2001 Freshman Class Picture, Erie is the 3rd from the right on the front row, The only one squating, always a unique person!
Added by Lindsey Kliesen

Eric, Derek, and my dad, Terry, posing for a pic at my apt. before a Chiefs game. All our guests had their pics taken with "Hooter" & put on our bulletin board. This was always one of our favorites!
Added by Megan (Sears) McMahan
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So many times that I laid awake last night thinking about. Little blond curls to his adult handsomeness, so many images appear. Eric and I had a greeting that we always said when we saw each other. One of us would call the other ugly, the 2nd would say uglier and the 1st would say ugliest. I am so glad to have had a cousin with such a big heart and a fun-loving guy. Eric went out of his way to help me at times and I will always remember that. I will miss him terribly.
Added by Tracy Gilmore

Here Eric.... This is for u bro....

Rest In Peace...

Added by Josh Smith

There are no words to describe how I feel for the loss of our good friend Eric. Eric was just such a great guy, and the one thing I will always remember about him is his boyish grin. I know every time I saw Eric, whether it be on campus or just around, he would send that grin my way.....and it always made me smile. You'll always be in my thoughts and prayers, Eric. Love you!
Added by Katie Schoenhofer

Words can not express the way Eric will be miss! He touched the lives of more people than he ever imagined. I know there was never a time,in Eric's presence,that he didnt make me smile. From Jr. High dances to High school graduation and then to college, Eric inlightened all the experiences. Eric, you were a one of a kind! Keep on riding Cowboy!I love you!!
Added by Lindsay Gates

Eric... what can we say... two words, GREAT GUY! He will be dearly missed by many people. I just hope that everyone realizes how much he loved everyone and how he loved to make people happy. Just keep him in our hearts and in our memories and we can help his life be lived through our lives! Everyone be careful and safe always!
Love ya Tiger!!!!

and sorry about the typing error with the pic i added

Added by Lindsey Kliesen

I really met Eric when he was 15. What an attitude. What a smile! What an outlook on life!
Eric was great from his smile to his cocky walk, I never tired of his version of " life according to Eric". I can't wait to see him strut around the corner with that big shit eating grin. God speed Eric,keep swinging that rope.

Added by m

I do not pretend to know you really well Eric, but I know the impact you have had on your classmates. I have seen them light up as they speak of you and cry as their hearts break at losing you. My heart bleeds for your family as they mourn you and my heart smiles when I think of the pleasures you have brought them. You will always be remembered by us and your family will have a special spot in our prayers.
Added by Joe & Bev Kliesen

I'm blessed that I was able to get to know Eric when he lived with Dan. I honestly can't remember one bad thought I ever had about Eric. Not ONE. To me that says a lot about what kind of a person he was. Even though this has been really hard for everyone that knew Eric, I thank God that I had the opportunity to get to know him well enough to be this saddened by his absence. What a blessing to have known you, Eric. I look forward to seeing your little smirk again someday..
Added by Erica
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