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Born:April 13, 1969
Gold Beach, Oregon
Died:August 30, 2003
Gold Beach, Oregon

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Curtis Eugene Gaddis was born on April 13,1969, to Blaine and Carole Gaddis, in Gold Beach, Oregon. He was his parents proud and joy. A few years later he was joined by a sister who was named Amy Gaddis. Curtis was very protective of his little sister. Cutis loved to go camping and bear hunting. He loved motorcycles and corvettes. Curtis worked with the mentally disabled for over ten years. He really enjoyed his job. He was very patient caring. His clients always enjoyed it when he was at work. Curtis lost his mom awhile back to cancer. Curtis was very close to his mom It all went fast. When his mom died he went through a really rough time, and thats when he turned to the Stradersfor support. He thought of Anita Strader as a mother to him. Whenever he was feeling down or needed advise she was always there to help him go in the right direction.

Curtis had a son who was named James Cooper Gaddis on May 18, 1994, From a previouse marriage. His son was still born.

Curtis met Carriessa Ann Lopez November 2002. When he met her he knew she was the one. He went to Madras, OR and picked her up in December 2002. He wanted to purpose to her on Christmas, but he just couldnt wait. He purposed to her on December 4, 2002. Of cource she said yes. Carriessa decided to move to Gold Beach. They set a wedding date for June 21, 2003. They were married at Jots Resort in Gold Beach. Her two boys walked her down the isle. It was a magical day.

Carriessa had two little boys, Kyle Mille (age 6) and Jesse Lopez-Miller (age 4). Curtis always wanted a family and he finally had one. Curtis was going to adopt the boys when they got settled in.

Curtis and Carriessa went to Prineville, OR on August 27, 2003. Curtis got sick that night. He didnt go to see the doctor untill the 29th. The doctor told him he had a bad viral infection and bronchites. He went to bed and woke up about midnight and he seemed to be doing alot better. He gave Carriessa a kiss and told her he loved her very much and went back to sleep. Carriessa woke up at about 10:30am and noticed he had passed away. there was nothing anyone could do. The funeral was on September 13, 2003.

This was a very rough time for the family and friends of Curtis. Carriessa lost everything and her and the boys packed up and moved back to Madras, OR. She still carry's Curtis's love wherever she goes.....

Blaine Gaddis, Curtis Gaddis, Carriessa Gaddis, Melanie Harding
Added by Carriessa
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Life without you has been rough on us. The boys miss you so much. Theres times that I just lose it and cry. I always remember the good things about you. You were the best thing that ever happen to us. Theres not a day that goes by that I dont think about you! You will always be in our hearts. "I love you honey."
Added by Carriessa Ann Gaddis

Hey sweetie. Happy Birthday!!!! I wish you were here with me. I went out and bought you a birthday card and a key chain. our 1 year anniversery is in about 2 months. I'm going to try to be there at the cemetary on that day. Well I will always love you.
Added by Carriessa Gaddis

Curtis --
It seems like so long has passed since I last saw you, I visited with you on your Birthday as soon as I got up. I left you flowers, as I'm sure you know. They say the things that don't break us only make us stronger -- I would have to say that you were the strongest person I know. You are with me everyday -- you are a Drangonfly to me and I will carry you with me forever.

Added by Anonymous

Hey sweetie. Well our one year anniversery just passed. It was a bad day for me I thought about you all day, and how our wedding was. I wanted to be at the cemetary but I wasnt able to get down there I'm sorry. Someday I will and we will spend the day together. I love you with all my heart and miss you very much.........
Added by carriessa gaddis
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