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Born:October 8, 1958
Died:April 30, 2003

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My mom was so good to us. She did anything she could for us. If we needed something she got it. We lost her way too early in life myself only 20 and my sister only 15. We both need her so bad. I have gotten married and she wasn't there. God do I miss her. My bday will be in two days I wish that she was here with me. This yr is the first without her. I still can't believe it. Mom just know that I do think of you every every day. Everything that I do I think of you. I dream of you at night and sometimes I wake up and think that you are here. Till the next second and than I again come back to reality and know that you aren't here. Mom I miss you so so much. It never gets any better. I know that you are watching us and protecting us. There has been so so many times that I know that you have been there to protect me. I just don't know how to go through life without you. I feel lost. I know that you are with grandpa and grandma and Honey and that you are all watching me and Caity. Please know that I love you and that I need you to watch me. I miss you so much. My mom was a good person that didn't deserve the life that she was dealt. She suffered when she shouldn't have. She was a very tough person and she passed that on to her daughters that if it wasn't for her I know that I wouldn't be here today. Life would have gotten the best of me a long time ago. She kept me strong and stright. Mom I will always think of you every day and all the time. I miss you too much and words can't eve come close to telling you.
Love Megan
You always called me you baby girl. And I always will be!!
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