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Born:February 5, 1960
Died:April 2, 2004

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This page is in remembrance of May Neal, known to us also as Laddswonder. May was called away from us on April 2,2004 after a very brave battle with cancer. Some people knew her from Truckerchat,and some were lucky enough to know her as a personal friend.
She leaves behind her husband Thomas (bud),and her children,Matt and Nikki.
One of the things that impressed me most about May was her pride and dedication to her family.There wasn't a day that went by where she wasn't sharing a story or an accomplishment about them. Her husband and children were her whole universe. They were her pride and joy. She had a way about her that was unique only to her. She could walk into a room and command attention, but tempered with warmth and humor.
I'll never forget the first time she visited at my home. She came in so very shy and unsure. Within an hours time I'd felt as if I'd known her forever and then she was in the kitchen joking and baking the best strawberry banana split cake I'd ever tasted! She had such a special way about her she could turn the gloomiest day into brightest with her personality. She'd be the first to help someone in need yet never ask for anything in return.
And for those who knew her, how can any of us forget her famous lines, "im innocent!" and of course,"hey,there was this one time at band camp.." And god help you if she told you she was aiming her boots at you. The one thing I'll miss the most is the sight of her pulling into the driveway after a 13 hour ride from her house, in her big red Dodge Ram (her toy) with a huge smile on her face,an armful of flowers for everyone and a 25 lb. basket of candy for the kids (which she always got yelled at for)When she visited,you couldn't wait for her to get here,but when it was time for her to leave,you never wanted to let her go. The same stands true even now. I never wanted to let her go. The short time that we were priveledged enough to have with her wasn't enough. 3 lifetimes with May would never have been enough.
They say when a loved one passes over they leave a hole in our hearts. Well that is true,but in Mays case the hole she left in our hearts is a place that she left filled with warmth,love and very special memories. I could fill many pages with memories and stories about her, I could go on and on, but she'd probably yell at me for it! She was such a modest person. She never realized what an impression she left on many of us. There's such a sadness in my soul when I think of how I'll never see her name pop into the chatroom,or no more will I hear her voice on the phone. I catch myself looking out the window,remembering and wondering why all this had to happen to someone so young and full of life. But then it all hit me. She's in a place now that she'll be able to look in upon those that she cared for, to guide us and protect us. Something, that even in life she did best for those she loved. She said once that if she went before I did she'd make sure that if I was in need of guidance from above,she'd make sure every bird that flew over me left a dropping on my head to remind me she's watching! That was my May!
Rest in loving peace my beautiful friend....

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