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Born:July 26, 2002
Waco, Texas
Died:August 21, 2002
Fort Worth, Texas

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On the day Cody was born I had a feeling something was wrong but the doctors didn't say anything. They showed him to me and then rushed him off to the NICU. After I recovered, they took me to my room. Later that evening after I rested up a little they took me to see Cody. My thoughts were "He is so handsome" I got to hold him at that moment and I was so happy. Still something didn't seem right. I held him every chance I got and they even let me try to nurse him. They told me he had some kind of invection, but they were not sure what kind yet.They had Cody on anti-biotics but he was not responding to them. He later developed jaundice which did not worry me much most babies get jaundice. I was more worried about this invection that he had. I stayed in the hospital over the weekend. But that Monday I was there right by Cody's side. He seemed to be doing ok when I left to eat lunch. When I returned I got the shock of my life. There were so many nurses and doctors by his side, I didn't know what to think. When I asked what was going on, Dr. Wheeler told me that Cody was very sick and they needed to get him to Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth now. When I asked what was wrong he told me that Cody was dying. I then asked him from what. He told me that Cody had Nectrotizing Entrocolitis. But it was apparently so far advanced that when he got to Ft.Worth his body was already shutting down. He remained there until August 21, 2002 when I finally made the decesion to let him go. At 11:30 am Cody died in my arms.

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