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Born:May 8, 1943
Kenova, West Virginia
Died:June 15, 2003
Columbus, Ohio

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Mike was a man known for his sence of humor, pride and kindness. He has taught many people the meaning of giving of one's self. Mike knew the value of travel and was never afraid to do what made him happy. His gypsy spirit brought him into countless lives, though his sence of family always returned him home. Mike found great pride in his family and enjoyed bragging on them and their accomplishments. All that knew him, knew Mike would give the shirt from his back to anyone in need. His genuine kindness shone through his personality as a beacon of character. 
Mike is survived by his mother Christina Skeens, wife Rena Skeens, sister Penny Das and daughter Kristie Winters. He is also survived by children Rhonda Miller and Tim Moore, as well as numerous aunts, nieces, nephews and grandchildren. He is preceded in death by his father Robert and his brother Dale.
Mike was a man who taught us all the importance of laughter. He is truly loved and will be forever missed by all who knew him.
Mike, first grade, Ceredo Elementary
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Mike in the Army
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Mike, 1972
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Mike with grandaughters Sydney and Haylee, 2002
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Mike, April 2003, laughing at grandaughter Sydney
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Farewell cousin Mickey
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Personal Notes

Dad- I love and miss you very much. I will spend a lifetime teaching my children lessons you've taught me, who you were and what you valued. You will never be forgotten
Added by Kristie


You are the hand that raised me and made me the person I am today. I could not have asked for more and will always be grateful for everything you have taught me. Zach and Mackenzie will always have the memories of you taking them fishing. We will miss you greatly and will keep you in our hearts forever. Dad, I will see you again on the other side and will love you always.

Added by Rhonda Miller

Uncle Mike-I will miss you so much. You were a second father to me and there whenever I needed you. You taught me to always see the humor in life and how to always look at things differently. You meant so much to me, John, and Anthony. We will always love you, and you shall never be forgotten. You will live on in our hearts and your memory will be passed on to our children through the wonderful stories that we will tell them about their amazing Uncle Mike.

Added by Stephanie Walters

Dear Mike,
You were the big brother many sisters wish they had. You were always there for me from the time I was a child. As we grew and had families of our own you always had time for me and my children. Your love and support was unconditional. You welcomed a brother-in-law from a foreign land and made him a part of the family. We will always love you. May you soar with eagles.

Added by Penny Das

Michael, my beloved Husband, I love you today, tomorrow and forever You taught me the true meaning of love. we lived and loved as each day was our last. I will cherish each special moment we had together, Your smile brought sunshine into my live and your laughter as music to my ears. Each thought of you brings a smile upon my lips You always knew how to make me laugh. Michael you are my rock and will live on forever in my heart
Added by Love, Wife Rena Skeens

Mike, the first time I met you, I knew there was something special about you. Your voice was very comforting and you made me feel good about myself..We didn’t get to talk or spend many moments together, but my memories I have of you will be forever. I spent the last 6 days with you, being there 24/7 talking with you, comforting you. I was there for you till the end., worth the sacrifice of time to be with you was the only way I could show you how much I really cared.. I’ll miss you
Added by Step Son Tim Armstrong

I remember you most from when I was a little girl. You were always so cheerful and had the most wonderful smile. Now that I am all grown up,
I cherish how you brought into your home, your stepchildren, Rhonda and Timmy, loved them and took care of them as your own, just like my Daddy (Doug) did for me long ago.
I know my Aunt Christina and your entire family will miss you dearly.... they will see you again someday.

Added by Ramona Hensley

Uncle Mike, Steph and I are going to miss you very much. You treated Steph as if she was one of your nieces and you also let her walk on your back. You were a great uncle and role model. I can only hope that I'm half the uncle to my nephews that you were to me. We love you and will always miss you.
Added by Nik Shipman and Steph Jones
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