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Born:October 31, 1980
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Died:April 2, 2004
Marble Falls, Texas, USA

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Rather than try to write a biography of Jilly, I thought I'd let some of her poems tell her life's story.

'Mummy May I'
(age 7 or so)

Mummy, may I have some tea?
The boys is making fun of me.
Mummy, may I have some toast?
With cherry jam cause I like it most.
Mummy may I go to play?
I'd like to ride my pony today.
Mummy, may I have a kiss?
Your kisses I must never miss.

(age approx 15)

Willow sits amongst the flowers,
blankets of blue and red,
unaware of the butterflies
that float above her head.
She’s such a lovely little lass,
not quite a woman grown.
Her heart is still green and tender,
her wild oats not yet sown.
Golden hair hangs long and tangled,
tucked back behind her ears;
she hugs her knees close to her chest,
her sweet face wet with tears.
I watch my Willow from afar,
behind my apple tree
She’s nursing her first broken heart;
It’s best I leave her be.
Some callow lad has made her cry,
his love for her untrue.
He led her on, then let her down;
That’s not what I would do.
The ways of love are treacherous;
We often face defeat.
We must brave those bitter waters
before we reach the sweet.
I long to take her in my arms
and kiss those tears away,
and show her just what true love means.
Soon, yes.....but not today.
Once time has mended Willow’s wounds
I’ll step up to the fore:
I shall woo her and then wed her,
and she will weep no more.

And these last are from this past year.


the light in the lamp has died;
the merciless wind beat it out.
the sun’s dimmed, the stars faded,
the moon is shadowed with doubt.
the oceans have all frozen;
earth’s gardens are barren, untilled.
the forests are sere and burnt,
the songs of the birds have been stilled.
mountains are crumbled to dust;
the air tastes acrid and bitter.
rivers run silted with mud,
the empty parks strewn with litter.
the whole of my world now mourns,
and crying is all I’m able.
only Heaven is happy;
today it greet s a new angel.
Da died and left me alone;
I have no idea what to do.
shattered, I rail at the sky:
“God, why didn’t You take me, too?”


The tiniest whispers of movement
faintly felt from deep within;
the fluttering of butterfly wings
as a brand-new life begins.
I’m ever awed by this miracle:
our two lives so intertwined.
I seem to feel your tiny heartbeat,
steady and so well-defined.
I glory in each change I feel
as days melt into weeks.
Anticipation trills in me,
for soon, we two shall meet.
I lie awake in bed at night
as you move inside me.
Was that a hiccup or a kick?
And that; your head or knee?
My hands rest upon my belly,
protective instincts warm,
I know I’d give my life for you
to shelter you from harm......
But what I most look forward to
at the end of this race:
to hold your tiny hand in mine
and gaze upon your face.

'I Love You'

I’ve cast my love both far and wide,
that you might feel it everywhere:
You’ll find it in the ocean’s tide,
You’ll hear it singing in the air.
It will hide within your shadow
and touch you in your sleep at night.
You’ll see it in the firelight’s glow,
and then again at dawn’s first light.
The sun on your face is my kiss,
the pillow ‘neath your head my breast.
Soft breezes bring you my caress,
and whisper “I love you the best.”
I wish for you all life’s blessings,
And I make you this promise, too:
No matter what your future brings,
my love will always be with you.
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Personal Notes

This is a lovely memorial, Leslie, and I appreciate your taking the time and trouble to do it. I can see it is a labor of love. It's nice to see the pictures of all Jilly's friends, especially the ones I've never met, only heard about.
Added by Lorene

I agree, this IS very nice. I miss her so much and keep waiting for it to ease up some but it hasnt yet. :( Its good to have Franny home. I'd give anything if Jilly could see how she's growing. Well, maybe she does see....I hope so. I also hope she knows how very much I love her. I don't think I ever told her that enough, or showed her just how much she ment to me. Wherever she is, I hope she forgives me, and realises how much I care for her.
Added by Paul
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