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Born:August 26, 1937
Wheeling, WV
Died:January 7, 1992
Wheeling, WV

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"My Mother's Heart"

I never could have been more loved
Than by my mother when she was here
Her thoughful, caring, soothing way
Her image remains so clear

Gentle hands, brilliant smile
Comforting words to ease the pain
Clearing the unmarked path ahead
Encouraging support with modest restrain

The only face I saw in the crowd
Fulfilling a child's selfish needs
Her love was boundless while on this earth
I received a gift in all her deeds

Now when I'm cold and all alone
And emptiness that tears me apart
I wrap inside the memory
And live again inside her heart

The youngest of two children to "Grandma and Pop"; her older brother, Bill, one of my most favorite people.

My mother. My friend. My confidant. My joy.

A saint in the making. She gave more and demanded less. As her children, we knew her love; felt her love; even when not deserving, received her love. But we were children. Mommy never abandoned her love for us. Whatever the situation or circumstance, I always had an advisor, advocate, and enthusiast with regard to me and my life.
Mommy and Daddy 1978
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Mommy and Daddy 1978
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Family Portrait 1978
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Aren't They Cute?
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Christmas Mommy
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Mom and Grandma Cupp
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My Mother.doc

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Personal Notes

I would so love to hear from all of you!
Added by Anonymous

Mrs. Cupp touched many souls. She lives forever in that legacy. What a beautiful tribute.

Added by Eric (Joey's Friend)

Mrs Cupp's memory will never be forgotten, she will live on in the hearts of her family and friends always.
Added by Steve(Joey's friend)
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