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Born:December 1, 2002
Jonesboro, Georgia
Died:June 17, 2003
Atlanta, Georgia

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Her eyes were charcoal black.  I walked into the County Pound in search of a Dog to adopt and save from Euthulization.  I fell in love with her little yellow face the first time I saw her.  Sasha was always a playful, loving and happy dog.  She loved to run, bite on your feet, while you were walking up and down the stairs.  She loved to play with anything and everyone.  Anything that hit the floor, she would figure out a way to make it into a enjoyable toy.  She was a smart one.  She was "Mommies Baby"

She brought joy into our home. Unfortunately, Sasha passed away on June 17, 2003 after being spayed. She went into Cardiac Arrest minutes after the surgery. She will be greatly missed. Her life was short but full of love and affection from her family. I Thank her for the Joy and Happiness that she has brought into my life. We will truly miss you Sasha....Especially mommie. She will always be..."Mommies Baby"

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Sasha I will miss you. Even though I never got a chance to say "hello" (except by phone), I feel like I knew you just a well as your Mommy. She talks about you all the time. Thanks for bringing so much joy into my sister's life. She will always love you! You are always with us. Love Aunt Retta, Uncle Woodie, and your cousins, Sandi & Coco! God Bless!
Added by Aunt Retta

We will miss you Sasha. I'm sorry we never got a chance to meet you, but one day we will. Mayble Sandi will first, she's getting old. :-) You made my Auntie so happy! You will always have a special place in her heart. Just like she had a special place in yours. We love you!
Added by Coco & Sandi
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