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Born:May 22, 1975
Maimonides Hospital
Died:June 22, 2003
North Shore Memorial
Philomena was a strong and brave young woman. She has fought all her life and has gone through a lot, fighting her pain, but never once cried help. She survived for twenty eight years, that's why she passed so bravely. Her pain was numb, but she still lived a happy life. Nothing stopped her from persuing her education, her career, or the loves of her life. A hero she is, yes, a hero she'll always be, in our hearts and in our memory. She will never be forgotten. We love you, Nuccia.

Funeral Arrangements
43 Second Ave Between East 2nd & East 3rd Street
Tel. 212-473-2221
Tuesday, June 24, 2003
2PM to 5PM & 7PM to 10PM

St. Lukes R.C.
16-34 Clintonville Road
Queens, NY
Wednesday, June 25, 2003
10:15 AM


Family & Friends
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Personal Notes

My little Pollyanna was the most incredible fighter I have ever met.I met her when we were 8 yrs old I still remember her that way,tiny thing.We met at dancing school,she was dressed as a little lamb,so cute.Her personality shined U could see everything she was,she was who she wanted to be.I promise u will never be forgotten.I will miss u dearly and treasure ever single moment I was your friend.You treated me like a sister and that was the most precious thing I could have.ILOVEU
Added by Michelle

Ti abbiamo atteso tanto, sei arrivata con tanta voglia di vivere, ti abbiamo accolta tra le nostre braccia come una rosa che e' appena sbocciata, guarda caso sei nata nel mese delle rose, MAGGIO. Sei stata grande, ci hai toccate tutti come un raggio di sole, sei stata forte e brava, quando tu soffrivi, noi soffrivamo con te.
Sarai con noi per sempre, nei nostri cuori.
Ti vogliamo tanto bene, per sempre.........

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I do not have many friends that I have kept in touch with throughout the years but we always found a way to remain friends. 15 years is a long time to be a part of someone's life. I was blessed to be a part of yours. If I could choose one word to describe you, only one word comes to mind: IRREPLACEABLE. Thank you for being a true friend and for all the wonderful memories. I will never forget you. I love you.
Added by Cristina Villao

Dearest Nuccia,
I will always keep you in my heart, always near my thoughts, you will always be the little sister that I never had. Growing up, you were always there, cute as a button and always smiling. How I loved to see you grow up, knowing that there was always a warm smile and a hug any time I saw you.
I wish that I could hug you one more time and tell you how much I loved you, but I can't, and that's what hurts the most.
I will always, always love you Nu, my little sister..

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philomena you have touched the lives of everyone you knew you wont be forgotten!!
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words cant express how much phil meant to me and those who came in contact with her i know from my own experiences she was my childhood as well as adulthood friend as many people who knew us but for me personally she was my twin and a big part of me died with her im trying hard to live the other half thats left since phil always was ready to enjoy life and may she be at peace
Added by christine giuga

a personal note to you phil, i want to say thanks for all the memories and that i felt blessed to know you now heaven is blessed to have you and i look forward to being in your prescence again may you be at peace and show your beautiful smile!!i miss you and thinking of you always
Added by chris giuga

May you dance free, breathe free and be free. Loving you was so easy, letting go was so hard.I know in my heart we will meet again and dance together again and laugh together again.Missing you dearly...Mooch n Nooch...
Added by Michelle Mooch