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Born:February 25, 1980
Died:October 7, 2001

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If only I could bring you back
For even just one day
I'd tell you what you've meant to me
Before you went away
If only I could hold you now
And kiss your handsome face
I'd ask God to take me first
And gladly take your place
If only I'd have been there for you
On that terrible day
I'd take you by the hand, my son
And walk with you all the way

Dennis was known and loved by many. He had a big heart and was always smiling. He saw everything in a positive way, even if the situation was bad. He would never say no to anyone in need. If someone wanted a ride, Dennis would help..If someone needed a jacket, Dennis would help..Even if someone just needed a friend, Dennis was there.
His friends were lucky to have him as a friend. His family was even luckier to have him as a son, a brother, a grandson, a nephew, & a cousin.
Dennis is loved and missed very much by all who knew him.
He will live on with beautiful memories in our hearts forever.

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Dennis n Nathan2.JPG
Dennis and brother Nathan
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Personal Notes

Dennis was my cousin. He always made me smile. I hope that you will leave a personal note about Dennis before you leave this site. Thank you for visiting. Feel free to come back anytime.
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