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Born:September 17, 1960
West Virginia
Died:January 31, 2018
West Virginia

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Darryl was my husbands biological father.  My husband, Joshua Allen Furby, did not meet Darryl until Halloween night 2016.  He searched for several years for Darryl and when he finally found him he finally felt like he knew where he came from.  Due to car troubles and work schedules Darryl and Josh were not able to meet much but when they did it was clear that there was years of love bottled up for each other.  Darryl was a good man who ended up dying from a bad heart.  He was kind, loving, and it was a pleasure to know him and to love him.  He had a heart of gold and even helped raise his wife, Katy's, daughter.  Darryl and Katy have a son named Aaron, and Josh is the son of Darryl and his girlfriend from years ago (before Katy) Evonne Leona Furby.  His life was way too short and he got dealt a rough hand in life.  He is greatly missed and loved.
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Darryl and Joshua the day father and son met for first time
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