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Born:December 25, 1990
Died:January 20, 2003
Staten Island NY

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Oh Tessla...
The house is dead without you here...I loved you so much especially when you would go to bite everyone's foot thinking they were going to eat your food...I would tell you that we didn't like your food and not to worry...I wish you could have told me what was wrong so I could have taken better care of you...I miss you so very much...I miss you going by the sink and reaching for me with your paw to tell me that you wanted water...When April would walk through the door you knew it was time to go to the bathroom...Even moreso when you used to walk on your butt that made me laugh so much...Oh Tessla I hope you are ok now...Its been 6 months and I keep your picture where you used to stay along with your leash...By the way your leash still smells of you...I hope you are watching over all of us...Hope Grandma and Poppy are taking good care of you...I'll love you forever...No other dog will ever take your place...You were the best...Give me the legs...God Bless You my Tessla...I Love You....Mommy
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