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Born:April 6, 1968
Brooklyn ,NY
Died:February 26, 2002
Miami ,Florida

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Shirley Was A very loving person she cared about everyone including the people she wasn't really ok with, She was a GREAT Mother,Sister , Daughter , and Friend and when she passed she was and still will be missed by so many people that knew her becuase she was such a wonderful person inside and out I Love Her so Much she was everything to me A Friend  , A Sister and A Mentor , I Looked up to my sister very much and when she passed i felt like i part of my heart was torn out of my body and crushed becuase i lost someone who ment so much for me and did what ever she could even when we had no money , I believe that my sister was/is and angel sent from god to make so many peoples lifes better and even though she may be gone she really isn't she's still here  , there and everywhere watchin over us making sure we dont do some stupid or idiotic (like always:)hehe) As Every Day that goes by her spirt grows stronger and stonger becuase of all the love she has from her family and Friends  but i will always have her in my heart and life and i hope that you will to 
Thank You
Her Sister ,
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Shirley at Christmas.JPG

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