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Born:January 21, 2005
Died:May 25, 2004
At the Lake House, Salt Lake City

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So much in love,  Mare's father and mother 
conceived this baby on Apil 16th, 2004.

Steven and Christine planned to marry May
28th, 2004.

The marriage started to suddenly unravel and so did
the dreams and hopes for their tiny baby's security.

Halsey's mother, who had been showing very
pregnant only a week before, suddenly stopped
showing at all, and dropped to 108 lbs.
Stress set in.

Mother and father viewed their beautiful, tiny
baby on May 24th at St. Mark's Hospital in
the ER. The heartbeat was so beautiful and
everything pointed to a pregnancy that would
be full term, with a few days of bedrest for
the mother.

Christine couldn't wait to meet her little
baby and watch her new love, Steven's eyes as
he first held and touched their destined to
be gorgeous baby.

The couple's problems no longer mattered
to Christine and she planned on caring for
this baby any way she had to. And the
Father did the same considering the
circumstances of being so in love with the
mother, but not knowing for sure how to
proceed. Both parties were hopeful on
co-parenting their darling baby. And
Christine was positive the intense love
between Steven and Christine would prevail.
The baby was wanted so desperately
and so much and will be missed beyond what
words can describe.

There is no word to describe this type
of pain. There is no word to describe
this type of loss. And there never will be.
May our gorgous little angel with the
beautiful strong heart (like it's Father's)
that we saw beating strongly and
perfectly only a day ago, know that we love
forever, and we hope the baby becomes part
of us, forever and dwells in the safety of
all that is as beautiful and perfect as in
a beauty so profound that we can not imagine
it on our plane of existence.

Chloe Fawn and Fox Painter Stowe will miss
their little baby. Their little hearts are
broken as well, and they want it back.

Mother to this baby craves to feel the baby...
has screamed to have it back. No words
can describe the pain. No words can describe
the joy if only her wish to have the baby back
could come true. Trying to let go of what she
can not seem to control, Christine sends her
very best promise to this baby that forever
and ever and ever is how long she will love
her beautiful Halsey. May that stay with the
baby and comfort Christine's precious little

Forever in the most robust form of love with
my baby, and forever on top of that...

Trying to fill the room I made for you in my
soul, with something to occupy me until the
moments can come in which it can be arranged
to hold you so close that I can feel your
beautiful strong heart, and look into that
perfect face that I miss already,

May you find a way to share with the mother
who shared life with you for a short time,
a peace so profound, for which there is no
word to describe it's comfort...

Your Deeply loving and sorrowful Mother,
Christine Stowe.


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Personal Notes

Remembering the gorgeous baby of
Steven Ralph Newman
Christine Stowe...
new playmate and sibling of
Chloe Fawn Stowe
Fox Painter Stowe

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