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Born:El Monte, California
Died:June 30, 2003
El Monte, California

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Jacky was my first real pet.  My family decided to get a guard dog after our house was robbed when I was in the fifth grade.  He was the best dog anyone can ever ask for; he was obedient, compassionate, fun loving, and most importantly, loyal.  I still remember the day I first saw him, he was small enough to fit in the brown paper bag in which we brought him home.  Most days he would just run around our backyard free of any burden, chasing birds and flies; but every night he would be our protector and stay up all night to guard our house while we sleep.  I remember he hated Independence Day, not because he was unpatriotic, but because he hated the noise of fireworks.  I also remember the way he would say good-bye to us everyday when I was in elementary school.  When my mom starts the car to drive us to school, he would lean up against the wall next to the door and watch us until we left the garage.  When we found out he had cancer and had to put him to sleep to ease his suffering, my entire family was devastated.  He had become a part of our family; he is no longer just the family pet, but the guardian and a member of our family.  We were all there right next to him when the veterinarian put him to sleep.  I only hope that he was not afraid and knew how much we loved him and how much we will miss him.  I trust right now he is in a better place, running and playing youthfully amongst other dogs without a care in the world.  Thank you Jacky, you will always be in our hearts.

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