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Died:June 29, 2003
Avoca, Pennsylvania

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Bugsy was loving and happy Beagle/Basset.  He loved cuddling up underneath a blanket in the wintertime and laying in his yard soaking up the sun in the summertime.

In his early years he enjoyed hiding under the furniture, playing with toys, and chewing on bones for hours. His later years were much more devoted to his family. He loved being told to "get close" and ate up all the attention he recieved. Bugsy was always happy to hear his family pull up in the driveway. The noise of the car was followed by excited howling and barking. He never let you forget to greet him.

Bugsy's favorite food was chicken, especially chicken nuggets. He would sniff out chicken cooking a mile away. He also loved to curl up on the loveseat and in his green bed where he would sleep for hours.

At the age of 4, Bugsy was joined by a lab/retriever. The two had their bouts, but it was obvious to everyone that they loved each other. They often spent much of their days lying on the back porch together. Bugsy especially loved to sit at the top of the porch and watch over the yard, especially when his family was all outside.

Bugsy was a wonderful and loving companion right to the end, when at the youthful age of 8 his life was cut short due to Chronic Renal Failure. We will never ever forget him. He is missed dearly!

Grey Face: You will forever have a place in our hearts!


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To my Smeagle, I miss you so much every day...I will always love will forever be in my heart!
Added by Jen
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