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Born:December 17, 1989
Peoria, Illinois
Died:July 3, 2003
Macomb, Illinois

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When Berrymore was a puppy,she was an overload of joy for me.I had no idea what to do with a five pound ball of fur that liked to chase and nip me.Before long we were the best of friends.She was the only one who was always ready to lend an ear or a tummy rub when I was feeling low.She always had this thing that whenever I was crying,she would run right up to me and give me kisses or shake paws with me almost to say "I know you're sad and I am doing all I can to make you feel better." When I went away from college, it was the hardest separation, not only from my home,but also my best friend.I couldn't wait for the day when I moved into my own house and I could bring her with me.When she came to live with me she was already in her golden years.She was happy to be with me nevertheless.She adapted pretty well until she found a bag of chocolate peanuts and overdosed on chocolate,causing her to have an almost fatal stroke and a permanent impact on her central nervous system.After this she was moody.We got her on some pain medication for her arthritis and began to be more aware of how to act around my aging dog.Friends who had always hated dogs rekindled a new love for Berrymore.She made people laugh with her goofy facial expressions,where she would seem to be almost smiling.In this last year,her health began to deteriorate quickly.I dealt with everything I could, until Wedsnesday,June 26th,2003 I woke up and came downstairs to find Berrymore staggering and appearing to have had another stroke over the night.I rushed her to the vet where she was diagnosed with a geriatric disorder and given steroids to stop her brain from inflaming. This would have solved the problem,except her stomach could not handle the meds and she was quickly given ulcer medication.She stopped eating, and lost 15 pounds in the last week of her wonderful life.I had to visit her everyday and keep telling myself that she was happy and that this would pass as all of her previous brushes had.I was able to bring her home Saturday, June 28th and spend all day with her.Unfortunately this was ill fated as she had to return to the vet that night because she would not take her pills. She was ill until Wedsnesday,July 2nd,when she seemed to have made a miracle recovery.I was so excited and I couldn't wait to take her home.She was in high spirits and had finally eaten. This morning,July 3rd,the vet called and told me that things weren't looking good for Berrymore.So I watched them put her down and it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I held her head as she drifted to heaven and told her that everything was going to be better and that I would never stop loving her. She died in my arms and I will never forget the look on her face as I showered her with tears and kisses and praises of a dog too good for this world.
Berrymore on her throne upside down
Added by her mom, Emilie

Upside down moose on the loose
Added by mama Emilie

upside down Berrymore & her 'my paw hurts' routine
Added by Emilie & Daisy
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Personal Notes

I can only imagine how tough it was for you. You made her life so happy though. She could not have asked for a more loving mommy.
Added by Keith

When I die, I hope that I come back as a dog in my next life. Then I hope that I get to be Emilie's dog, because she was treated like royalty.
Added by Dee
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