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Born:February 19, 1969
Toronto, Ontario
Died:September 30, 2002
Toronto, Ontario

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Elizabeth Cynthia Robinson of Etobicoke passed away peacefully at home on September 28, 2002 in her thirty-third year of life after a brave battle with cancer. She was born in Toronto, Ontario on February 19, 1969 to Anders and Elizabeth Robinson.
She was born a doctor. Every aspect of the job drew on her strengths and challenged her to use them in new ways. Vision and ambition drove her to find work she loved. After a degree in medicine, a year in Zambia, four years in France, she undertook the challenge of having a child of her own. If you knew her you would know that in itself would be the greatest challenge of her life. Her wanderlust and love of children would find her traveling the globe to afford families in need the luxury of her knowledge and expertise. In a beautiful way her modesty never allowed her talents to go to her head.
She had a passion for all life and lived hers to it's full extent. She had an abundant energy to everything she did. She was competitive in the best sense of the word and did not readily cut slack for herself or others. Still, those close to her got to hear and see the doubts, fears and vulnerabilities that made her adorable.
She had a true green thumb and cherished countless hours in her gardens with her son. He has inherited her love of nature. Known for bringing brilliant centerpieces to dinner parties she was able to turn simple flowers into masterpieces. One knew that upon visiting Cynthia's home one would not be going home without a colourful bouquet of seasonal blooms. She was passionate about family and friends and loved being surrounded by people she loved. We will all fondly relive the moments spent sailing and recall her dream to sail solo to Venezuela. Her time ran out before her dreams ever did.
She was almost defiant in the face of the diagnosis she was given a year ago. Ignoring her doctors advice and taking one final trip to Zambia, a country and people she loved immensely.
She will be greatly missed by her son Torbjorn, her parents Anders and Elizabeth, her siblings; Katherine (Thomas), Emily (Bernard) and Ephrum, her grandmother Laetitia and grandfather Frederick and by many dear friends and colleagues. Cynthia was predeceased by her brother Karlson Torbjorn (1987) and grandparents Albert (1979) and Louise (1999).

A memorial and display of her photographic collections of her world will be held on November 6, 2002 at The Helle Gallery from 8-12 p.m, 1053 Islington Ave W., Toronto.

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