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Born:June 8, 1928
Died:December 8, 2003
San diego,California

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Chancy Tyler was a loved grandpa,father,and husband.
He died a very happy man.I didnt know him all of my
life being his grandson,but i treasured him dearly.
He was my only granda. I have heard so many great
stories about him. My mother Bobbie (doughter)as he
liked to call her loved him very very much. Kenneth
My dad said Chancy was like a father to him since his
died sometime ago. (FACTS ABOUT CHANCY:)He an electricions
helper on a SUB.Although u may think he fought in WWII he
did not. He had five grandkids that loved him dearly as well
as three kids two boys one girl that loved him as well.
He really really really liked bowl weavel, in the
bowl weavel parking lot is where he died a fast not
agonising death. I can remember he loved food so much
he just couldnt wait for it to be served. IN LOVING MEMORY OF
Travis Pics 8.bmp

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My Grandpa Chancy was the best and only grandpa i have ever had. He used to be so nice and love anything i have ever given him for a present. I can still remember his voice and the cologne he would put on. OLD SPICE.donna his wife gave me his last bottle of it and gave me his lucky penny i will always cherish those things she gave me and the memories me and my family remember about him.
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