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Born:June 9, 1984
Died:December 17, 2003

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I first met Tyler when we were 13 years old.  Shortly before my parents had told me they were getting divorced.  I guess I needed someone to talk to, so Tyler was there.  We clicked instantly, and it was then that we were told by another friend "to always stay together."  That was our job for this part of our lives-- to stay together, to be there for eachother, to lift eachother up.  We bonded.  Tyler became like a brother to me.  People called us twins.  I can't begin to tell you what we went through in the next five years.  There were things I wouldn't wish on anyone, yet I wouldn't give them up for the world.  We learned things, saw things, felt things that gave us a bond I haven't been able to replicate since.  Then he died, and do you know the worst part of it?  I couldn't cry.  I cried the first day, but after that I could barely shed a tear for the boy that became a part of me.  I thought, "What kind of a monster am I?  I can't even cry for my best friend."  I thought... I made the mistake of thinking that he was gone.  Then I something happened that made me realize he's never really gone.  He's still with me and will be all my days.  He didn't really die-- he changed.  I still mourn because he will never get to be a doctor like he wanted to be, or get married and name a daughter after his sister like he planned.  But his plans changed.  When I was little, I knew what school I wanted to go to, what job I was going to have.  I even planned on what age I would marry.  Those plans meant the world to me then, but they're not important to me now, because my perpective has changed.  Maybe that's what's happened to Tyler.  Maybe he's not sad that he can't be a doctor because his perpective has changed now, and things that were once precious to him aren't as important to him now.  And do you know what?  I'm not that sad anymore.  He's taught me what faith is, he's taught me to trust my other best friends.  He's taught me that we really are on the side of angels if we believe God.  That's how I know he's not gone-- he still teaches me things, and you know what?  I don't think he's done teaching me yet.  So be at peace, my brother-- you fufilled your pourpose, you made a difference, you returned with honor.  I will be here for you all my days, because I still need you, and my guess is you might need me too, and it will be so for the longest time.

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