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Born:January 28, 1977
Harlow Essex
Died:November 1, 1999
Colchester Essex

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Loving Memories of
Born 28 1 1977
Died 1 11 1999

Lee was a very loving and caring person. He died because he trusted the wrong people. Lee was so afraid he would not be able to see his son Luke and his mum Linda.. You see Lee was in prison he was not bad, He was silly he was driving a car that did not belong to him. They put him in prison and yet it was his first offence and he was on remand.. He should have been given bail but the judge was a nasty person as far as I am concerned, Lee was only driving the car so that his mate could get to Yarmouth. How silly is that. Well Lee was in the prison and was so afraid, He thought he found a friend, and put his trust in him, Well this so called friend was a crack head .He told Lee that if he wanted to stay in the prison that he was in and not be moved to one far away he would help him. Lee beloved him and one night on the 31 October 1999 Lee was found dead and this so called man was kneeling over Lee. At The inquest we were told that Lee was clean of drugs. But we knew that As Lee never took them.
The judge said that there was a third party involvement But owing to this man being a drug addict he was let off. Lee was not a angel but he was a good person, he done a skydive for charity, He worked in a school for disabled children, He also plaid with a child that could not play out with other boy’s as he was in a wheel chair. Lee loved his family of which there is sister Tina, Brother Stephen, Sister Deanne, and brother Dean. Lee Also had a step dad that he adored name Stan. I am his mum Linda, We love and miss lee so much, So i ask all you young people out there not to trust any one that you may think is your new found friend. Lee leaves a son Luke who is now seven and ask all the time about his daddy that he never got to know very well

Carry on
Carry on as I would mum
Lay your problems down to rest
Put all bad times behind you
And strive to do your best

Carry on with confidence
Your hands now hold the reins
Don’t think your talents wont compare
For my blood runs through your veins

Carry on with honesty
You know what’s right and fair
Just call on me when problems strike
You know I will be there

Carry on my dreams my mum
Let your conscience be your guide
And remember when you feel alone
I’m standing by your side.


For ever in my heart

Right now I’m in a different place
And though we seem far apart
I’m closer than I ever was
I’m there in side your heart.
I’m with you when you greet each day
And when the sun shines bright
I’m there to share the sunset too
I’m with you every night.

I’m with you when the times are good
To share a laugh or to
And if a tear should start to fall
I’ll always be there for you.

And when the day arrives
That we are no longer apart
I’ll smill and hold you close to me
Forever in my heart.

Lee always said and wrote this psalm

For god so loved the world
That he gave his only begotten son
That who ever believeth in him will not die
But have eternal life
John 3.16.

Adove for Lee.jpg

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Personal Notes

Lee my darling son I love you A light has gone out in my hart But you will always be in it Words cannot express how i feel The day you were called to heven My hart broke, I will love you for ever. Please be there for me when it is my time. I know we will see each outher again. Love and kissea a big hug especialey for you Always rember I LOVE YOU LEE
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