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Born:September 10, 1947
Macon, GA
Died:July 18, 2004
Byron, GA

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Yvonne gave birth to three children and was blessed with 5 grandsons during her long wonderful life.  In 1966 she gave birth to her first son Joel, in 1972 her and her husband Buddy were handed a son, BJ.  In 1984 the two of them were blessed with there little Barbie Doll, Dixie Lee.  As in all children the three of them gave her hell.  But all in all she loved them all dearly.  When Buddy and Yvonne first met she was not at all a good cook, but over the years she turned into one of the best.  After a while, Yvonne was given 5 grandsons.  She always hoped for a little granddaughter.  Even though she's not here with us today, we will one day give her that granddaughter.  
We all remember the Sunday evening dinners, and the summer cookouts. The Davis family is surely gonna miss that woman, because we could not have asked for a better mama, granny, or mom in law.
After all of our memories her storybook has come to an end. We will always remember her as she was and never stop loving her.
ON July 18, 2004 her life came crashing to an end, when she looked at Buddy and told him "those cars up ahead are slowing down". Then he looked at her and said "that truck ain't gonna be able to stop". That was their last words to each other. For this family, it was tragic, but we all know that she's in a better place, and we're happy to know that she did not have to suffer or feel any pain. On July 23, 2004 we layed her to rest and said we'd see her on the other side.

Joel, Tina
BJ, Kim
Dixie, Deano
Little Pooty(Tommy)


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