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Born:September 24, 1965
Richmond, British Columbia
Died:February 27, 2004
Surrey, British Columbia

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Diane was the best thing that ever happened to my life & soul.
She truly balanced my life & my spirit.
She was my "blood pressure pill".

God created sparingly, souls that mean that much to other people, that they become a life support means.
Diane & I were like twins in the way we thought & looked at life & each other.
She just meant that much to me & I to her.

She did not like being away from me as much as I did not like being away from her.
Bonded by thought & action.
I know some of my friends, thought it was a bit unhealthy being so close, but I realized this was our life & we were happy as clams.
Look up "codependency" in the dictionary & you will see our picture of us hugging close.

I used to joke that I would break down & get a regular job, & she knew I probably never would;
"Besides, I like you home with me" she would chime. Diane would also say, "I like it this way", because I would not have to leave for an early morning commute.

She was never materialistic. A simple loving, caring relationship meant the universe to Diane & I.
Truth be known, I was more the materialistic type, but now I could care less.

I said, "I wanted to be sent into space with some of my cremated remains in a little cylinder", because they
are offering this new service where you float in orbit for aprox. 50 yrs than drop & burn up in the upper atmosphere.

Diane just chimed without hesitation "As long as I am with you".
I loved her so much!

I never met anyone like her, nor will I ever find a soul as bright as hers.

The world is a lesser place without her bright soul & smile.

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