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Died:August 10, 2004
Huber Heights, Ohio

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I have known Susan for many years.  I must say that I have the greatest respect for her as a teacher, friend, and fellow follower of God.  When I would drop my daughters off at preschool in the mornings and Miss. Susan was there I would breathe a sigh of relief.  Not that the other teachers were any less competent but, my youngest daughter loves her dearly.  My daughter has been in many other preschool settings, but no one could reach her the way that Miss. Susan could.  Abigail has a loss of hearing in one of her ears.  So her speech isn't the greatest and she has a hard time comprehending what she is told to do sometimes.  But Miss. Susan was so loving, caring, and patient with her that she began to blossom.  Her speech is so much better than it was before she began preschool in Susan's class.  Her personality has reached new heights.  Miss. Susan is an Angel in my eyes and always will be.  She lived a very powerful life.  And she loved Jesus Christ.  She has truly made a difference in our lives and touched the hearts of many.  I do not believe that Abby would be where she is today without the love, patience, and hard work that Miss. Susan put into every step she took with Abby.  I never got to tell her thank you.  So this is my way of thanking her.  She will be missed so very much.  And she will always have a special place in our hearts.  We love you Miss. Susan. 

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I Love and Miss You Miss. Susan
Added by Abby

I Love You Miss. Susan
Added by Alli

You have touched many hearts. You will be missed.
Added by Jess
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