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Born:October 8, 1981
Georgetown Guyana
Died:April 24, 2003
Brooklyn, New York
Romona Moore was last seen on Thursday April 24, 2003. 

She left home at approximately 6:55 p.m. She told her mom that she was going to get some food at the local Burger King. Next, she stopped by a friend to pick up a music c.d. He claims that she left there at approximately 7:30 p.m. That was the last time she was seen by anyone. At first the police refused to investigate stating that Romona was 21 and technically not a missing person. Romona’s family visited the 67th Precinct and they were told “Sorry, the law sucks”. Romona’s family took matters into there own hands and began making flyers, contacting the media and reaching out to local politicians. After several politicians contacted the 67th precinct, Detectives finally contacted us and said that they would come by the house to investigate this was four days after Romona disappeared. The detectives tried to convince us that Romona probably ran away Did wouldn’t listen to us at all. On Sunday April 26 ABC television station contacted the 67th precinct to get information and air a story about Romona and the Police told the Media that the case was closed. For 15 days and 15 nights we searched, sat, prayed, cried, and waited for any information for any sign that someone knew what happened.  On May 10 at approx. 1:15 pm. We received a telephone call that changed our life. An anonymous caller claimed he had information on the missing girl. He gave us an address and instructions on where we could look for her body. We then called the police precinct and we were told that there only one officer there and we need to call 911. We all raced over to the address that thecaller gave police arrived a few minutes after us. And the Body of Romona was discovered. Romona was grabbed, held hostage, raped, and beaten to death all in her own neighborhood. Romona’s body was decomposed beyond recognition and her dental records were used to make a positive i.d.

Romona was an angel.  A Gem. At 21 yrs old her main focus was her College Degree. She had a big heart and She was a fine example of excellence to know her was to love her. Romona enjoyed shopping, music and watching movies. Romona was her mother’s only child. Romona grew up a sister with her five cousins. Romona had no enemies. Sometimes I feel as if God took her because she was too pure and innocent to live in such a cruel world. I especially remember Christmases Romona would make it her duty to buy something for everyone. She left no one out even if it was the smallest gift she made sure everyone had something to open up on Christmas morning. I still remember her laugh and her nonchalant attitude. Romona will always remember and she will always be missed. She did not  deserve what she went through. I’m just glad that I got to know her as closely as I did during her short life here on Earth.


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