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Born:Rochester, New York
Died:July 18, 2003
Fairport, New York

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Oliver came to live with me in September, 1986, after being rescued by my brother.  He led a full, happy, and long life.  Oliver loved to play with string and bat a crumpled piece of paper.  At night, he would bravely venture outside to feel the summer breeze and chew on the green grass.  Oliver was the best "little buddy" and companion pet a person could hope to have.  He was greatly loved by family and friends and will be very much missed by all.
Cindy and Oliver
Added by Joan

Looking out the window...
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Added by Joan

Oliver was my "boyfriend" and "playmate" who became quite the flirt when I came for a visit. We spent quite a lot of time on the floor being "cats" together. Oliver was a cat who knew what he wanted and let you know it. I admired that in him. He also went along with whatever hand he was dealt and seemed to be okay with whatever was going on as long as he felt he was included. I will miss his greeting me ("ack!")and petting his fuzzy head. He was a sweet old man.
Added by Cindy

Although I didn't get to see much of Oliver in his later years, I was the first in our family to lay eyes on him. He was very dirty and very cute. I named him "Oliver" because he looked like an orphan turned lucky. Joan liked the name and it stuck. While Joan and Pattie gave him a good bath and I noticed many tiny black specs in the sink. They told me that they were fleas. I had to go downstairs and eat pizza during Oliver 's discomfort. That was our first moment as a "family." I will miss him.
Added by Bobby

Oliver was the prettiest kitten. He loved to play with just a piece of string. As he grew he became more "skittish" (if there is such a word), and would always hide when we came into the house. I could always find him because, even if he tried to hide, his tail would show under the sofa or under the curtains. He was a great joy to Joan, and even when he walked along her face in the morning to let her know it was time to get up, or time to feed him she didn't mind. He will be missed!

Added by Irene and Bob

i think you cat was beutifull and i know how sad you are at this time, as my dearest pepsi passed away , my deepest condolences to you and your family.
Added by Emma D
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