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Born:June 20, 1981
Lawrenceville, Illinois
Died:August 31, 2004
Newton, Illinois

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We all miss you very much. You have touch our hearts in so many different ways. This is our chance to share them with each other.

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If tomorrow starts without me.rtf

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Personal Notes

I miss you Dorothy
Added by Kandi

Dorothy, I did not know you, but your death has touched my life with such sorrow...I will always remember you and pray for your family, they miss you so loving memory and all my love and prayers...
Added by Linda

I know you are in a better place. watching over us all and thinking what a crazy loving family you have.
Added by aunt cindy

I know what has happened has changed everyone forever. Her death was so unfair, noone should ever have to go through what Dorothy had to. And I want to say "you never know when god will call us home to walk with him so make life everything you can until that day comes when we our called upon." I love you
Added by kandi

your very brave women dorothy and your very muched missed. you will always be a hero in are eyes. miss you!!!
Added by Anonymous

To my loving daugther,
I miss you so much, but I know you are in a better place, but this does not stop my heart from breaking everytime I think of you. I love love you and miss you deeply. I am trying so hard to stay strong for you because I know you would want me that way. Right now Im in a weaken moment and I hurt so bad

Added by mom

I am thinking of you tonight and want to hold and talk with you if only for alittle while. Please come home. MOM

Added by Anonymous

And with that wonderful knowing of your guidance.
And your love we keep,
With is so deep.
We can still live our lives,
With a wonderful guide.
Because we know,
That even though.
Youre not here,
Through all the tears.
Youre still kept in our hearts,
Never to part!
Every stop of the way,
Youre standing by our side-giving us faith.
You guide su to choose the right decisions,
With that, we can make the right ones.
Thank you for guiding us each & everyday,
Being with us every step of the way!
I dont have many memories of you,
But it means the world to me that I had a mother as wonderful as you!
I miss you like crazy,
I need you here with me.
But I know youre in a better place,
That still doesnt ease the pain!
But now I have memories,
And your love sent down to me,
That I shall forever keep.
We forever love you! <3

Added by JJ
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