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Born:August 27, 2003
Died:August 27, 2003

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he was a beautiful 1pound15ounces baby boy. his grandma becky said he look like an angel. when i saw him he became my sweetpee. his daddy cried and cried because he was so beautiful. he has two sisters and one big brother.

Added by Anonymous

Added by DADDY

Added by DADDY
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If tomorrow starts without me.rtf

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Personal Notes

I love very much and there will always be special spot in my heart for you.
Added by Anonymous

this is satin she guards your father and keeps him safe. I know you yourself are do the same thing. Your father thinks of you often and so do I. love and kisses
Added by Mamaw Cindy

sweetpee, i miss you very much and i think of you often. i love you.miss you!!!!
Added by your loving mommy

baby ira, its cold and its holloween time agian. i miss you alot its been reel hard with out you here. im pretty sure i know what you would look like. every time i look at your daddy i see you. i wish you was here,but i know your here in spirit. i love you and miss you.
Added by mommy

tell GOD to send us some sun shine maybe that will help every ones mood down here. I know you are watching your parents and If you are like me you want to shake or whipp them both. your sister boggy talks of you often. They say only small children and old people can see angles. I know you are one
love you

Added by mamaw cindy

dear son i love you so much and im sorry that your picture is on the computer for everybody to see. you are such a beautiful baby boy. i have had a rough time which you can probably see but i know things will be okay because you an your bothers and sisters are with you guys are all i have and i love you guys. love you
Added by mommy

your a beautiful rainbow in my world when the skys turn grey, your the sunshine that keeps the evil away and when i think of you i know its all okay so smile in the heavens where you run and play because i will be with you one of these days
Added by lisa lawrence

christmas time is near, i wish you where here,i miss you my dear,but i want shed a tear,because i know your spending christmas with jesus this year,so i'll go for now with you deep in my heart,because thats where my love for you starts,and know one can ever pull us apart.
Added by lisa lawrence
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