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Born:February 9, 1935
Minneapolis, MN
Died:June 1, 2019
Jordan, MN
Paul Stacke has gone home to his place in the heavenly kingdom.  Everyone who knows Paul has been touched by the man who left his mark on the world as a husband, father, grandfather and prolific journalist.  A man’s life is defined, to great extent, by his values and his passions. We are honoring a great man and as I’m sure many of you will agree, blessed with a quick wit and a mind as sharp as a whip.  Paul lived his life to the fullest and was loved by many – a testament to the values and passions that guided him.  Paul Stacke lived an amazing life, and we should be celebrating it. And we are. Those who have already learned of his passing may have noticed the buzz in the air… people are sharing stories about Paul and enjoying them, with smiles, laughter and tears. In this way, we are doing him a great honor, by remembering the amazing things he did with us and for us.  Please continue to share your personal stories of Paul with his family and friends, they have a special way to incorporate each memory into a beautiful tribute, ensuring his legacy lives on forever.

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