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Born:October 22, 1991
Jim's Pet World, Villa Park, IL
Died:July 20, 2003
Home, Downers Grove, IL

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Lucky was born in Villa Park, Illinois on 10/22/91 to a grumpy adult black chow father and a black chow mother. Deb and Dad picked him up from Jim's Pet World a short time later. Lucky and I (Jeff) grew up together; he was like a brother to me, since he came before my sister, but that never changed. He used to knock me over and I tried to do the same...with little success. As a puppy and a young chow, he was biter. He bit my cousin (hers was a get the h*** out of here, you crammed that plastic paper down my throat, b****) and I (mine was more of a back off or love bite). Dad fixed that problem, and from that time on he was a sweet, loving, nice, cute, nonbiting chow until the day he died. Even though I only got to see Lucky 4 days a month he was as close to my heart as if he was by me every day. Love you always and forever bud.

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Personal Notes

Nick Names Or Coined Sayings Relating To Lucky Karlovich

- Who Da' Hoe? Lucky Bear's Da' Hoe.
- Luck Da' Bear
- Lucky
- Lucky Bear
- He's Got Velvatine Ears...Dunt Dunt Dunt
- Everybody Loves Lucky
- Big Bohemoth
- Big Bohemoth Mamoth
- Sweety
- Luck Bear

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