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Born:October 18, 1943
Harbour Breton, Newfoundland
Died:July 30, 2001
Harbour Breton, Newfoundland

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Lawrence Mahoney was born in Harbour Breton on October 18th, 1943 to Ellie and Daniel Mahoney.  He had 2 brothers Daniel and Aidan and 5 sisters Rosalyn, Linda, Helen, Paulette and Salome.  When Lawrence finished school he went on to teach at the tender age of 16.  At 17 he joined the navy and sailed on the Swan Sea.  He travelled to many places but one of the most memorable places for Lawrence was to Rome where he met Pope Paul.  In the navy Lawrence took a diving and an electrical course.  He served 3 years before returning home.  He worked at Camp Boggy in Bay d'spoir for a few years then took a job as electrician at the fishplant in Harbour Breton.  He joined the town council and later became town mayor.  He also joined the FFAW union and was president for a few years.  He opened the first nightclub in Harbour Breton named Harbour Lights Lounge. He went to college in St. John's and took another electrical course.  He opened a T.V. repair shop in Marystown but his heart was back in Harbour Breton so he and his family moved back. When he returned to Harbour Breton he landed a managing job at the Marine Center.  Later he took a position as fisheries officer with DFO.  This was Lawrence's last job, although he did take yet another course. This time a prospecting course.  It really started as a hobby or pastime but grew into something bigger.  He and his partner Greg discovered a new rock which is proudly on display at the GEO center in St. John's Newfoundland. Lawrence did so many things it is hard to name them all, but what he will be remembered for most is being a devoted husband and father to his family.  On April 28th, 1967 Lawrence married the love of his life Babara Ann Strickland.  They were blessed with 4 beautiful children Craig, Travis, Jason and Trixie.  He loved his family so much.  Lawrence did get to see one of his grandchildren, Craig's son Daniel, but he didn't live to see Travis's son who is proudly named after him. On July 30th, 2001 Lawrence ventured out on his motorcycle to go prospecting and never returned.  His motorcycle skidded and went over an embankment killing him.  Many people would call this a tragic death but to someone like Lawrence a tragic death would be lying in a hospital as a senile old man dying a slow death.  Lawrence accomplished more in his 57 years than people who live way in their nineties. He lived a lifetime full of adventure and excitement.  He was never afraid to try new things.  One of his passions was singing and playing piano, guitar and trumpet.  I'm sure he is in heaven today singing with the angels.  You will always be loved and never forgotten. 
By Loretta
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