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Born:March 17, 2002
Died:February 13, 2003

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Madison came to us by my oldest dog.  Casey, had never had puppies before and madison was the first bunch of liter that she had.  I watched her give birth to my little angel.  I named her when she was just a couple of minutes old.  casey was so protective of them.  In about 6 weeks we gave the puppies away and i kept Madison.  That night that i gave all the other puppies away i cried all night until my mom went and got my puppy out of the dog house and brought her up to me that is when me and madison became buddies.  We did everything together and when she was 9 weeks old i took her to the local petsmart and she picked out her own coler and leash and i had a dog tag made for her.  Everytime i was home we were inseperable.  When Madison was old enough to get spayed we took her and her mother casey to the Vet to get spayed.  We were supposed to bored them for 3 days but i missed her so much i had to go the next day and get her.  Only about 5 months later the day before Valentines day i was making cupcakes for my friends at school and my neibore was coming down the road at a high speed and hit my Madison.  I saw it as it happened.  I rushed out side to see if she was okay.  She did not have any cuts and there was no blood.  So we took her ot the local vet hospital and they said that she had gone into shock and she had a bad color.  they gave her morphine and i stayed with her the whole day and they said she would be okay.  So i went home and the next morning i went back to see her and the doctor said she did not make it.  I was devistated.  I yelled and screamed and was just full of anger.  My dad came home and we made her a casket and wraped her up in her favorite blankit and her little puppy dog i had given her when she was 2 days old.  We buried her in my side yard.  I miss her alot she is my baby i dont ever think that i can love a dog the way i loved madison.  I had to take a day off of school just ot get my life back in order.  There is not a day that goes by that i dont think about my baby Madison.  ~Madison~  I miss you baby girl and i will always love you.  I hade a nick name for her it was Lug.

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