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Born:Long Eaten
Died:May 4, 2003

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Lady was not just a pet to me,she was my whole life.I so so could not ask for a better rabbit or a better pet.
I used to say she is the queen of the snow because she was white abd had black spots.She was such a great pet.
She died when she was only 4.I hated the way she had to die.Lady was very ill.She went all fin and wouldnt eat at all.I hated it,i used to to say WHY DID THE ILLNESS CHOSED TO COME TO HER.She didnt desirve it at all.
But then she started to get better.But she was to tird and to carry on.Lady had used that much energy throught the illness and when she got better she didnt have any left.Now i do find that so unfair.Most of all lady was so strong when she was ill,she so tried to carry on with her life and not let it get in her way.

The most thing i will never forget is this one thing she has awlays been to me,even when i first got her.
Lady was NOT just my PET.she was my DAUGHTER.and she will ALWAYS be.I will NEVER forget her.

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It would be great if u could message me.If u have been through the same thing with your pet.It would mean alot.
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