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Born:October 25, 1951
Cicero, IL
Died:April 16, 2004
Willow Springs, IL

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Memorial in front of WSFD
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Personal Notes

I still dont understand what happened God came and took you away from us and now there is a huge hole left in our hearts There is NOT a day that goes by that I dont think of you Its so hard having to wake up every morning without being able to here you screaming in the nextel at 8am The days where you would mess with mom and act so serious and when she got pissed you would look at us and laugh I love you Dad and miss you so much
Added by Ronnie

Marijo,Ronnie,Katie & Coochie-I miss him too,...God is hard to understand,he takes the good & leaves the trash behind, we now know your Dad is not suffering anymore and with his best friend right now (besides God) "Striker" and they're watching over you all,probably playing frisbee like they used too. I love all of you !!
Added by Auntie Pidgey

You stay strong girl, for Bobby,for your girls,but especially for your self...
I Love You with all my heart and soul! Always
remember the good times !!

Added by Pidgey

Added by Pidgey

My favorite Papa Kristie Memory: Ronnie, Katie and I were sleeping in the living room one night and just before Papa Kristie left for work he gave Kate and Ronnie a kiss goodbye and then he goes, "Ah, what the hell..." and he smooched me too. Keep in mind this was when I was sill scared of him! It was weird, but funny! Love you guys!
Added by Kris

I miss you dad #2! But as long as we have some Bob Marley, a few Coronas, and some laughs it'll always feel like you're here!
Added by Lauren

To the man I love with all my heart. You made me the person Iam today, you made me feel safe all my time I had with you, you are the strongest man I ever met.We have had it all, a great family, three perfect girls, And the best friends you could ever have. We loved each other with all are hearts.And expressed in every loving swear word that came out of are mouths.I miss the most my daily phone call ( hey bitchhhhh what are you doing) GOD I LOVE THIS MAN!!!!
Added by Anonymous

I remeber the first time I met Bob. I was working at Spring Forest. He came in looking all important with his uniform. I made him a cup of coffee and of course he yelled out loud " This taste like shit" I thought to my self ...what a asshole. Who would ever thought I would grow to love him and his family as if they were my own..
Love ya Bob...!

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