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Died:July 24, 2003
Seaford,Va .

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Shadow and his brother, Flash, came into our lives shortly after we lost our first hamster, Hammy. Shadow and Flash, Blackbear hamsters, were bred to be fed to a snake, but a friend of the snakes owner took a liking to these 2 boys and asked could he please try to find them a home. It was a couple of nights later that my kids and I picked them up from my uncles house. They were in a gallon ice cream bucket with a strawberry for food. We wasted no time bringing them home and setting up a house for them. Shadow was the more calm of the two. My "little sweetie" is what I called him. The brothers lived together for only a short while before they began to fight and had to be separated. We were blessed with Shadow for a year and a half. My kids believe Hammy sent them to us because he knew how much we love hamsters. Shadow joins Hammy and Tickles in "That Great Wheel In The Sky".
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